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Soorval Lake

Updated: Feb 20

image source: www.indianvisit.com

Situated within the thick forest of Ranthambore, Surwal lake is a paradise for bird watchers and nature photographers. It is a seasonal lake that dries up during the summer, so it is wise to visit the lake during monsoon, or winter. A wide variety of species of birds are seen at this lake, such as Falcons, black-feathered stilt, Flamingos, spoonbills, demoiselle cranes, greylag geese, storks, Pelicans, Bar-headed Goose, bulbuls, darters, cormorants, bee-eaters, herons, eagles, sandpipers, Saras cranes, larks, pipits, woodpeckers, and Prinias. If you are vigilant enough, and you know a lot about birds, then you will be able to spot over 300 species.

image source: www.indianvisit.com

The air smells of freshness, the breeze is cool, and the sight is soothing. The chirpings of the hundreds of birds flying around will sound like beautifully composed music. You will forget all of your burdens and appreciate nature.

Soorval Lake is at a distance of 10km from the Sawai Madhopur district. Everyone is allowed to visit the lake anytime. You can take your cameras, and binoculars along with you if you intend to do bird-watching. You will not be disappointed as the sky fills up with many colorful sky-dwellers.

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