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Neelkanth Temple

Updated: Feb 20

image source: www.tourmyindia.com

Dating back to the 6th Century CE, Neelkanth Temple is one of the oldest attractions in Sariska. It is a group of around 300 temples that were built by Maharajadhiraja Mathanadeva. Located 30 km on an isolated hill from the Sariska Tiger Reserve, it is the mini Khajuraho of Sariska. It is noted for the intricate carvings on its walls, and pillars. This temple now stands in ruins but its shikhara (spire) is still intact. The main temple, which is still well preserved has a shiv-ling, and it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Initially, the rangamandapa had three pancharathas housing three different deities. Now, two of them had been destroyed, and only the Shiv temple remains hence, the temple is popular as "Neelkanth Temple" which is one of the many names of Lord Shiva.

image source: www.tourmyindia.com

The temples have a lot of figures of other Jain and Hindu deities. Outside the temple, one can see small shrines, which are the shrines of the priests. The temples are preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), and because of this reason, photography is prohibited. As this temple complex is situated on a higher plateau, it provides a very solemn environment. The temple complex is surrounded by nothing, but lush greenery. You will definitely find some similarities in the carvings of this temple complex with Khajuraho such as the erotic sculptures. However, unlike Khajuraho, this is a functioning temple. The hills are beautiful so be ready to find a lot of pea-cocks and Peahens in and around the temple complex.

image source:www.tourmyindia.com

It is a heritage site, there is no need to reiterate the fact that it is an architectural marvel. So, be ready to go there and spend a really long time observing the sculptures and carvings. Go around and see the remainings of the temples that were there before their destruction. Try to memorize them as much as you can, so that you will never forget how they look. You can later go and see the statue of Jain Tirthankara, Shantinath, which is located nearby.

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