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Mangalsar Dam

Updated: Feb 20

image source: fledglingtravelers.wordpress.com

How many times have you wanted to spend some quality time with your family, or partner, or even alone and have asked google for suggestions of nearby parks and have gotten disappointed when you reached the place because the place was anything but serene and calm?

Innumerable times right? We know!

Now, we want all of your attention here because we are going to tell you about a place that is serene, calm, and uncrowded. The man-made Mangalsar Dam is five to six hours away from the national capital and just thirteen minutes away from Astroport Sariska. This place is 60 kilometers away from the main city of Alwar, it is very close to Bhangarh fort, and is located near Shri Naugaja Bhagwan Shantinath Digambar Jain Temple.

surrounded by rough mountain terrains you will feel protected by mother nature. It is a place where you will not hear the noises of vehicles, but the chirpings of different types of birds that fly over there. It is a bird watcher's heaven. You will find different species of birds like the Bar-headed goose, White-eared bulbul, Red Vented Bulbul, Laughing dove, brahminy myna, Shikra, white-eyed buzzard, crested honey buzzard, paradise flycatchers Crested Serpent Eagle, Pale Harrier, Gray Hornbill, and White Breasted Kingfisher.

image source: fledglingtravelers.wordpress.com

You can capture various beautiful moments in your camera for the future because these images will only remind you of the time that you have spent with nature and fill you with good memories.

The calm water that does not rush but stays stagnant will have calming effects on your eyes. It is a place you will never want to leave. You can read your favorite book, listen to music, meditate, or just observe its beauty. It will give you immense pleasure. Make sure to take a look around so that you can smell the freshness of trees, wildflowers, and shrubs.

If you are with your family on a picnic, you can play sports like football, or cricket. There will be no one to bug you there. You can play and run around with your children as much as you would want to. However, you will have to make sure to not leave your food packets around so that it continues to be serene and beautiful for years to come.

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