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Bhangarh Fort

Updated: Feb 20

Most magnificent palaces have a complex yet glorious past filled with battles that were lost and won, enmities, vicious maneuvers of the ministers of the palaces, love stories, and sometimes some dark family history. The past of these palaces is as complex as the designs carved on their walls and pillars.

The Bhangarh fort that stands in ruins, surrounded by overgrowing wild bushes and trees looks eerily beautiful. This alluring palace is close to a village called Gola ka Baas in Alwar, and it takes only about an hour to reach, from Astroport Sariska. The Fort is spread over a vast area. There were markets, over nine thousand houses, and temples within its premises but they slowly got lost in the course of time and a few of the temples, fortifications, huge gates that were left have been reclaimed by nature.

The main gates to the forts are, the Lahori Gate, the Ajmeri Gate, the Phulbari Gate, and the Delhi Gate. The temples on the premises are Someshwar Temple, Mangla Devi Temple, Gopinath Temple, Keshav Rai Temple, and Ganesh Temple. Every structure that falls inside the premise is marvelous in its architectural design.

It is said that the Bhangarh fort was brought to this fate because of the curse of a Tantrik who fell in love with the beautiful princess Ratnavati, the granddaughter of King Madho Singh by whom the fort was built. The Tantrik tried to win the love of the princess by using black magic. The princess, however, got to know about this, and his plan backfired which led to his death. It was the curse he put on them before dying which is said to be the reason for the destruction of the fort. Another story suggests that it was because of Guru Bala Nath's curse. He was an ascetic who used to meditate at that place, and he didn't like any shadow of a structure to fall on his meditation spot. But when the fort was built his meditation spot came under its shade which angered the ascetic and he cursed the entire village to remain roofless.

Some areas of the fort are still not allowed to visit by tourists which makes the place even more mysterious. It is mostly dark inside the fort and even if you don't witness a paranormal activity you sure will feel a sense of gloominess, and fear. Adventurers, explorers, history lovers, architectures, photographers, this place is for everyone. Do not miss out on the opportunity to visit the fort.

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